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telling the story


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Illustration speaks to you. It tells you a story. It visually represents an idea, conveys a message, delivers information, offers a visual accompaniment to text. It does something. It presents that “something” in an interesting and engaging fashion.

Illustration must always have representational intent that goes beyond merely its looks.

It must not express, it must communicate.

Illustration is clear, empirical, and intentional. Complicated drawing can convey an idea very clearly, and a simple drawing can be hard to understand. The best illustrations, be they simple or detailed, are clear – they have the fewest unnecessary things in them. What they do have in them is there for a reason, and it all has the function of manipulating your focus, attention, and emotional responses.


They have been stripped down to get their point across in the most efficient manner.


What do you want your illustration to do? What techniques will work best? How do you make those techniques visually compelling?

Be concise. Give the high points. What is the commonality that viewers can relate to in your images? That is what will enchant the viewer.


The attentiveness of the audience is directly related to its ability to make a successful emotional connection – it’s a connection that must be made quickly.

I hope you enjoy the work you see here. I look forward to speaking with you!


how can we help you tell your story today?